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Liat Golan, RD, LDN, is a Registered Dietitian and Florida State Licensed Dietitian/Nutritionist.

She is a graduate of Florida International University's coordinated undergraduate program in Dietetics, along with a B.S. degree in Food & Nutrition Science. She also attained certification in Weight Management from the American Dietetic Association.

For several years, Liat counseled individuals helping them manage their weight and various health situations including cardiovascular disease, diabetes, digestive problems, hypertension, autoimmune and thyroid conditions.

She has extensive experience educating both individuals and groups on nutritional wellness and helping them create tailored and realistic nutrition and lifestyle programs to meet their individual needs during various life stages, including pregnancy and lactation.

Liat passionately believes that the power of food prevents and manages illness and maintains optimal health. She helps people make realistic and gradual changes to their current eating habits and food choices.

"I am following a better diet plan than ever in my life. I feel more energy, feel better about myself!"

Erin Terry

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