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The #1 Thing That Makes Diets Work…

You’ve likely seen the KETO Diet, the Whole30 Diet, the Paleo Diet, the Atkins diet and others battle it out year after year over which is the BEST for you. But science shows the best path toward safe and sustainable weight loss and better health is actually NONE OF THESE!...

Can I Still Lose Weight If I Don’t Want To Give Up My Wine/Alcohol?

It’s no lie that alcohol and weight loss goals generally don’t mix, and if we’re being honest, there really are many reasons to reduce or even give up alcohol from our diets and social habits. On the other hand, having a glass of wine, or whatever your drink of choice...

Is The “Rule of 80/20” For Nutrition & Exercise A Myth?

You may have heard that abs are made in the kitchen... Or you may have eaten an extra piece of dessert because you exercised that day, so you feel like you “earned” it dammit! In order to see results at the gym, lose weight or even maintain overall health, we’re...

Sulfites: What Are They And Do They Harm Us?

Sulfites refer to a group of chemical ingredients that are added to processed foods and drinks mainly to serve as a preservative. Sulfite-containing ingredients can go by several names, including: ·      Sulphur dioxide ·      Sodium sulphite ·      Sodium metabisulfite ·      Calcium sulphite ·      Potassium hydrogen sulphite Sulfites are used to...

What Can Actually Help You Lose Belly Fat?

You’ve probably heard the claims that you can change your body overnight with this brand new gadget or exercise program “Lose the belly” “Banish your trouble zones” “Drop stubborn fat off your thighs by drinking this special shake” There are so many gadgets, supplements, nutritional products and exercise programs on...

Vegetarian, Vegan, and Plant-Based Diets – What’s the Difference?

The popularity of cooking reality shows in recent years has brought about more discussions than ever before about the topic of food. Food as nourishment, fuel and sustenance. Food simply for eating and taste enjoyment. Even food as art! But, included in these discussions are various thoughts and ideas about...

How To Eat Healthy During The Hurricane?

Contrary to popular opinion, you do not need to resort to cheese wiz and pop tarts to keep your family from starving when the lights go out. Your top priority is to stay fueled and well hydrated. A hurricane healthy meals plan should consist of three meals a day, spread...

What Are The Healthiest Oils & Fats To Cook With?

If you haven’t heard by now, fat is your friend! Dietary fat provides energy, supports cell maintenance, enhances nutrient absorption, and is essential for producing some hormones. Dietary fat got a bad reputation back when, blamed for increasing rates of obesity and heart disease. Now, thanks to science and the...

10 Anti-aging Hacks That Don’t Cost a Thing!

FACT: we all get older every single day and each person’s aging process will look different. But, despite Wikipedia’s definition of “biological aging”, don’t you think it’s about time that we should embrace it, rather than fearing it, and spending gobs of money trying to turn back the hands of...

Can Lack of Sleep Cause Weight Gain?

Are you stuck trying to figure out why you’re gaining weight — or why it’s so difficult to lose those extra pounds that just seemed to sneak up on you despite not changing your diet or exercise habits? This is often referred to as Weight Loss Resistance - and it’s...


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