Does Eating Late at Night Make you Fat?

by Liat  - July 23, 2021

There is something about the kitchen in the late hours of the night, something strangely tempting.
If you have caught yourself sneaking around in your kitchen after hours, you also tend to simultaneously guilt-trip yourself the whole time for succumbing to that temptation.
However, you should not put the entire blame upon your shoulders—contemporary knowledge of nutrition fairly consoles us that a calorie is a calorie, regardless of what time of the day (or night) it is consumed.
With our recent in-depth researches on the matter, I can tell you that the TIMING OF THE MEAL DOES MATTER!
And Here is Why:

What Goes On In The Body?

When you consume a meal late at night, the body is more likely to store it as fat instead of burning those calories as energy. Fluctuations in your sleep cycle can also prompt such results in your body. Such as, calories you consume outside of your regular sleep/wake cycle will make it harder for your body to burn fat.

Hence, weight gain becomes inevitable. It suggests that the body works according to the rhythm you create and maintain.

What Else Is At Stake?

Other than weight gain, other problems can also arise due to late dinners. Commonly, I see cases of higher levels of blood sugar, indigestion, and problems with sleeping.

While late-night cravings are not impossible to curb, they may take some time to adjust. In the meanwhile, I recommend light dinners in your everyday diet. As a nutritionist, it is important for me to explore recipes that agree with a variety of people.

Check out these light and nutritious dinner recipes that are healthy and also a delight to your taste buds:

Shrimp Scampi with Zucchini Noodles

A 15-minute recipe that features flavorful shrimp and zucchini noodles as a splendid substitute for pasta if you want an alternative. While it is a lightened-up version of the classic dish, it keeps its original essence with garlic, lemon, a splash of white wine, and fresh parsley.

Skillet Cilantro Lime Chicken and Cauliflower Rice

This one is another quick recipe that comes together in thirty minutes. It is a one-pan dish that highlights riced cauliflower. The cilantro lime sauce enhances the taste, and the chicken,  and onion add final touches to the dish to make it a complete experience.

Creamy Lemon Chicken with Asparagus and Mushrooms

This delicious one-pan dish does not take longer than thirty minutes. Along with mouthwatering flavors, it also offers a dairy-free experience as coconut milk is used for the creamy base. Moreover, it is loaded with asparagus. All these elements come together to produce a healthy comfort meal that is bound to become your favorite.

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  1. Yes, later night consumption of any food seems to impact morning blood sugar levels. Just because it says “sugar free” doesn’t mean it won’t show up tomorrow morning. Same with watermelon.

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