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Bee Well Protein Powder – Vanilla

(12 customer reviews)


Bee Fit Protein is a nutrient-rich shake mix ideal for those seeking an alternative source of quality protein – individuals sensitive or allergic to soy and/or dairy, or vegans . Bee Fit Protein contains an all-natural pea and rice protein blend; Aminogen®, a plant enzyme that enhances protein digestibility and absorption; and Artinia® chitin-glucan, a novel fiber that supports antioxidant systems in the body. This fructose-free formula provides an array of micronutrients as well, including high-potency vitamins C and B12, activated B vitamins, and Albion® TRAACS® chelated minerals (the real amino acid chelate system).*

Free of Gluten, Dairy, Lactose, and Other Common Allergens
No Soy Protein
No Fructose
Sugar Free

Supports Protein Metabolism and Healthy Body Composition*
Supports Cardiovascular Health*
Supports Gastrointestinal Health*
Supports Antioxidant Systems*
Provides Essential Micronutrients*

12 reviews for Bee Well Protein Powder – Vanilla

  1. Katrina

    This protein powder is so good! It doesn’t have a chalky aftertaste like most protein powders do. You can mix it with just water and it tastes delicious. I would never have done that with other powders — you always had to mask the taste. I highly recommend it.

  2. Vicki Crocker

    I love this protein powder because it mixes so easily. If you don’t have a blender, you can just stir it into juice and it dissolves quickly and you have a great protein snack.

  3. Desirae Arredondo

    Such a great, delicious, protein-rich, affordable protein powder. Makes delicious, creamy shakes and it’s non-dairy. If you are looking for a protein powder that is low carb, high fiber and protein, tastes great, is filling and doesn’t have artificial and chemical ingredients….you’ve found it. Order now and try. You won’t regret!

  4. Cathy Gaj

    Bee well protein powder taste fantastic. Per Liat’s suggestion, I mix spinach or kale and fruit with the powder. I am getting more vegetables than I ever had before. It is a quick and easy shake low in sugar and High in test.

  5. Barb Joyce

    I love the Bee Well protein powder. It is the only one I have found so far that has been easy to digest, and it tastes great! I can’t wait to try the chocolate one next 🙂

  6. Morgan

    This protein powder tastes so delicious in my morning smoothie!! I mix in unsweetened almond milk, spinach or kale, a banana, some frozen fruit (no sugars added), some unsalted sunflower seeds and this protein powder and it turns into one very delicious smoothie. The powder mixes very well with everything in the blender and never is caulky or clumpy….There’s a massive amount of vitamins and minerals in it and it just adds its delicious flavor to my smoothie. I highly recommend it…as I’ve tried tons of others before finding this! And this is the ONE I’ve been using for well over 1 1/2 years now.

  7. Carlene E.

    I have been using this protein powder for almost 4 months. It has a great taste and no gritty aftertaste. It mixes up well and doesn’t cling to the sides of the ninja or food.

  8. Kim

    Had my first smoothie today using this protein powder. Not chalky, no bad after taste and just delicious with some fresh fruit.

  9. Erick C

    This Vegan powder has B12 and it tastes amazing. It covers a wide range of vitamins and I use it as a great multi-vitamin supplement. Love it

  10. Kelly Sandifer

    Love this Vanilla protein powder also. It taste amazing.

  11. Rachel Harrison

    Love the vanilla protein powder!!! If I need a quick breakfast (or lunch, or dinner) I just toss some protein power in the blender with frozen fruit, some spinach or kale (nice tip if you’re like me and can’t use it all before it goes bad: put servings of fresh spinach or kale in zip baggies and toss in the freezer, and voila, a serving of leafy greens for your protein shake!), and coconut milk, blend it up and I’m on my way with all the necessary fruits, veggies, and protein. And if I want to do seasonal flavors, vanilla is the perfect base to go from tropical summery flavors to spicy fall to warm winters, and bright spring!

  12. Rebecca Shannon

    I absolutely love this stuff- seems to have simple ingredients (aka not 800 random stuff) and, along with my appointments and switching to a whole real food diet, I found my bloating has gone down considerably and my strength has gone up once I started using this when making my daily smoothies. My favorite is a blend of this, oat milk, spinach, berries, flax seeds, and sometimes some frozen cauliflower 😋

    • Liat

      Thank you Rebecca😁😁

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