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Digestive Enzymes FX


Digestive enzymes help to break down carbohydrates, proteins, and fats from all the food you eat and turn it into energy and raw materials to be used in all of the body’s processes. They are extremely important!
The body has the ability to make enzymes to break down all of the food necessary to keep the body healthy. In addition, most foods in their raw form (think fruits and vegetables) have enzymes naturally occurring within them to assist in the process. The problem occurs when the body is overloaded with too much food and food that doesn’t contain its own natural enzymes (over processed food, lots of cooked food). This is when digestion and metabolism start to slow down because the body cannot keep up with making enough enzymes.
Taking digestive enzymes as a supplement, while you are improving your diet and lifestyle, can assist the body in breaking down food to eventually bring the body’s own production of enzymes back into balance.


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Dea S.

I haven't experienced any menstrual cramps in at least 4 cycles!

Judy Del Regno

I am sleeping better and have more energy than I have had in years. I have recommended her to others, too!