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"I couldn’t be happier!!!" 

I’ve struggled with my weight all my life, especially over the last few years. I would basically yo-yo the same 20 lbs. or so until last August when I began working with Liat Golan. Since then, l’ve lost 54 lbs. and there is no going back from here. I tell people all the time that Liat changed my life and I cannot thank her enough for the guidance she’s given me in making better nutrition choices.

Stacy Antos

Kelly Ann

I have lost almost 50 lbs, reversed the prediabetes, and lowered my cholesterol, naturally, without any medication.

A year ago today I got serious about my health: I was obese and diagnosed prediabetic with high cholesterol. My doctor wanted to put me on a blackbox warning label medication (which listed possible side effects of liver and kidney failure-no thank you!) Thanks to Bee Well Nutrition, over the past year, I have lost almost 50 lbs, reversed the prediabetes, and lowered my cholesterol, naturally, without any medication. In fact, at my last physical my doctor said to "keep up the great work," and there was absolutely no discussion of medication. This has not be an easy journey. I still haven't reached all of my goals, but I can say, I am in a much better place both physically and mentally, than I was a year ago. Thank you, Liat Golan, for guiding and supporting me towards a healthier and happier lifestyle!

Mel Frank

She helped me when my doctors couldn’t. She’s helped me manage my Hashimoto disease and lose over 30 lbs in a year

I highly recommend Bee Well Nutrition. I give Liat’s cards out to everyone! She has helped me so much! She helped me when my doctors couldn’t. She’s helped me manage my Hashimoto disease and lose over 30 lbs in a year. I’ve been so successful in keeping the weight off. Not only that but my over all well being is significantly better. My fatigue is gone, my eczema is cleared up and my happiness is through the roof!! 5/5 stars!!

Judy Del Regno

I Have Lost 38 Pounds And My Cholesterol Has Gone Down From 269-289 To 220 Without Any Cholesterol Medications!

Liat has changed my life! I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis, Ankylosing Spondylitis, and severe osteoporosis with 3 spinal fractures. I have also been trying to lose weight for 10 years. My rheumatologist prescribed many pills and injections to help my symptoms. But, we know that there are many side effects to all these drugs. With Liat’s help, I am now, off all my medications. I have lost 38 pounds and my cholesterol has gone down from 269-289 to 220 without any cholesterol medications! I am sleeping better and have more energy than I have had in years. I have recommended her to others, too! It has been the best decision I have ever made regarding my health! Thank you Liat for helping me to change my life!

Stephanie Monson

I am so grateful for my time spent with Liat! 

After struggling to lose weight on my own, she was just the accountability that I needed. Keeping track of my progress with suggestions and encouragement made such a difference for me. And the recipes she shared made it much easier to make changes to my diet. Thank you, I cannot recommend her enough!

Samantha Borgman

 I have not only reduced the inflammation and lost weight but I have also gained confidence!

I was referred to Bee Well Nutrition by one of my doctors when I couldn't get inflammation throughout my body to go down. I started the anti-inflammatory food plan that I helped to create. After 3 months, I'm more active and excited to cook again. Through this plan I have not only reduced the inflammation and lost weight but I have also gained confidence! I'm working towards completing a half marathon in the fall!

I am so glad I made the call to Bee Well Nutrition.

David Walker

You need to take another statin to control your cholesterol levels. This was the answer to my ongoing effort to keep my fluctuating cholesterol levels in check. Furthermore, I had been experiencing joint pain, particularly in my legs. My energy levels fluctuated throughout the day, my sleeping patterns were erratic and I was gaining weight despite my best efforts to eat "better”.

Within four months of following Ms. Golan’s recommendations, I’ve lost about 30 pounds, my percentage of body fat decreased about seven percentage points to 19.9, I’ve lost about five pounds of venereal fat, and I actually gained muscle mass. I no longer have joint pain. I leap out of bed rather than struggle up because of pain and stiffness. My energy levels have normalized – maintaining a consistent energy level with no energy crashes. I sleep better and feel more restful in the morning. My wife likes my look (no “love handles” to grab onto). Most importantly, my cholesterol levels have never been lower.

I so appreciate Ms. Golan’s advice and continued support. It was not difficult – I just followed her plan and the results surpassed my expectations. I am so glad I made the call to Bee Well Nutrition. This was money well-spent and the best gift to me and my family.

Where Would I Be Without Liat? 

Before I met Liat, I followed fad diets, I would wander the aisles at Publix, choosing foods that I thought were "healthy". I would skip meals thinking that would help me lose the weight. After having no luck with my inconsistent dieting, I gave Bee Well Nutrition a shot. Liat definitely knows what she's doing. She has taught me so much. Her meal plans are easy to follow, if I ever have any questions she responds quickly. The best part about this whole journey is I've been seeing results every week! I'm so thankful for Liat, she has changed my life! 

Melissa W.

Patricia B.

I Turned 70 Years Old This Year, And Was Just About To Give Up Hope Of Ever Losing Weight. I Have Hypothyroidism, Exercise Regularly And Am Always On A "Diet", But Never See Any Results. Thank Goodness My Endocrinologist Recommended I Visit Bee Well Nutrition.

Liat was very patient and helped me to understand how to eat healthy and still be satisfied. She provided numerous recipes and is always available to answer a question.

I have lost 20 pounds over the last 5 months and feel great! So, I let my hair go grey during this process & then cut my hair much shorter. This is the new me!! Thank you Liat.

Vera B.

Liat At Bee Well Nutrition Is Definitely A Good Investment In Your Health. She Will Call You And Discuss Your Goals Before Meeting In Person.

I found her to be extremely knowledgeable and personable. She gave me great advice that I will continue to use regarding food choices, my attitude toward better nutrition as well as a healthier lifestyle.

I use many of her recipes and found her suggestions for food substitutions to be highly beneficial. Short-term programs have not worked for me. This is different. I feel I can follow her recommendations well into the future.
Liat will not rush you and is a superb listener. She understands thyroid and diabetes issues. I came in to most sessions with questions and she patiently answered each one. She even called my doctor's office for my blood test results as I was sitting there. Without pressure, she offered me vitamins and protein shakes to buy while showing me the beneficial properties involved.
In addition, and very importantly, she was not judgmental when I did not have a perfect couple of weeks. She offered me kind words and more good ideas.

Go ahead and take the step! it is well-worth it. I have lost 30 pounds and now wear a size 6 jeans.

Thank you, Liat!

Christine Knox

Bee Well Nutrition Is An Excellent Place To Go To Get Exactly What Your Individual Body Needs.

Liat is very knowledgeable in forming a plan made exclusively for you and if followed great results happen and I have been able to keep them going and is something that can sustain me for the rest of my life.

Donna P.

Liat is a wealth of knowledge. I am so glad to find her!

I was having problems with high blood sugar and felt I was following a good diet until getting advice and menus and recipes from Liat. I really am a changed person! Lost 17-20 lbs in 7 mos.
My A1c came down from 7.3 to 5.9!! No medicine at 66 yrs old. I highly recommend Liat for any nutritional assistance. She's the best!! You will love her.

 Cindi Mitchell

I Began Working With Liat At The Recommendation Of My Doctor. We Started With A Simple Food Plan Based On My Preferences That Was Easy To Follow And Delicious. Every Time We Met, She Added New Recipes And Gave Me Additional Healthy Eating Tips. I Thought I Knew A Lot About Nutrition, But I Have Learned So Much!

After nine months, I have not only lost almost 40 pounds, lowered my blood pressure and cholesterol, and stopped using pain medications to control my joint pain. I also have a happier outlook on life and seem to have boundless energy. The other good news about my journey towards a healthy life is that I love the new way I eat and feel like it is sustainable for a lifetime.

I am grateful to Liat for helping me in so many ways, from sharing her incredible wealth of knowledge, to helping me navigate social situations that involved food, to cheering me on when I met benchmark goals. But the greatest gift of all, was the kindness and loving care I received from Liat during this entire journey.


Liat Helped Me Improve My Digestive Health Issues and Overall Well Being!

Liat is a true professional in the field of nutrition. Her gentle and ardent guidance has helped me to improve my digestive health issues and overall well being. She guides all her clients with knowledge and competent research of individual health concerns. Above all, Liat is a dietician with compassion. She believes, and has helped me believe, in the power of good health!

Karen P.


My Sugar Is Under Control & I Have Lost Weight

Before I started the Bee Well Nutrition program, I was having difficulty losing weight from giving myself insulin for Type 1 Diabetes. Even though I felt I was eating well, my sugar levels were all over the place. Now my sugar is under control and I have lost weight. I don't crave sugar anymore and have been able to avoid those foods that aren't right for my body.

Laurie Hill


I Do Not Have Any Cravings For Junk Food At All. I Exercise Regularly And Enjoy It.

Before I started the Bee Well Nutrition program, I was always sick, felt tired, couldn't sleep well, was eating food that was not good for me; chips, pizza, Burger King, etc.  I was exercising but couldn't lose weight and my periods were very irregular; one every 3 to 6 months. Now I feel great! I love the taste of foods I would not touch before. Peppers, onions, broccoli, fish, etc.  Friends and family tell me how good my skin, the whites of my eyes and my hair is much softer. I have lost inches, pounds, and body fat. It is a great life change and I plan on sticking with the program for many years!


Ashley E.

I Had Been Suffering From Many Gut Issues For Most Of My Life And I'm So Glad I Found Liat.

Liat is amazing and really takes time to listen. She helped me understand about IBS, leaky gut and my food sensitivities. She gave me tons of recipes so I could feel better about cutting out so many foods to heal my gut. She also gave me ideas on how to reduce anxiety. Since seeing Liat I have not only lost weight but visceral fat as well. My bowel movements are healthier and no more bloat and pain! I tend to have more energy and no more headaches!

Thank you Liat, you are wonderful!

Dea S.

I Haven't Experienced Any Menstrual Cramps In At Least 4 Cycles...
I'm happy to report that another improvement I've noticed since starting working with Liat is that I haven't experienced any menstrual cramps in at least 4 cycles. This is huge; it's not even something I thought was related to what we've been working towards. I figured it was because I am getting older & closer to menopause since my cycles have gotten increasingly worse since I turned 40. Guess not LOL!

This is just another issue we've improved upon to increase my quality of life. So, thank you again 🙂

Maria M.

We Started The Journey Together In September Of Last Year. Since Then I Have Lost Over 20 Pounds, Haven’t Had To Use Any Medicine For Diabetes Since December Of That Same Year.

I came to see Liat when I got a wake up call at the Doctors office that said my blood work came back, and I was diabetic! I called Liat and drove one hour to see her. It was one of the best choices I’ve made in my adult life. She set me up right away with the food groups she knew would reboot my system. The vitamins and natural metabolic busters she knew my pancreas would need. She gave me the tools and the recipes that helped me to make good food choices and plenty of shopping tips. I was a little bit of a challenge for her, because I am a pescatarian and allergic to a few foods. But she knew her stuff and always found ways to make it work for me. My goal when when I came was to not take that horrible medicine. We started the journey together in September of last year. Since then I have lost over 20 pounds, haven’t had to use any medicine for diabetes since December of that same year. I was also motivated to run/walk the Sunshine Skyway 10k in March. Last month I had the best blood work I’ve had in five years per my doctor. Way more then I dreamed of. The journey is not over. This is my new lifestyle and I am blessed to have Liat as my health coach/cheerleader.


She listened to me during my sessions and even met with me at the grocery store to educate me on what I’m eating.

Liat is amazing! I’m 30 years old and I’ve been working with her since August 2017. I’ve lost 26lbs and my body fat went from 42.2% to 35.3%! I was in tears the first time I met with her because I knew I needed to change my lifestyle and needed to do it now. She listened to me during my sessions and even met with me at the grocery store to educate me on what I’m eating. My energy levels have gone up and my clothes sizes have gone down. Even though I’m moving out of state I’m going to FaceTime with her quarterly and hopefully, I’ll meet my goal soon. I owe her so much and I’m so lucky I found her!

I can say without hesitation, that Liat is the BEST!!!!

I have been a client at Bell Well Nutrition for quite some time. I can say without hesitation, that Liat is the BEST! She is highly educated, incredibly motivated and very creative in presenting various options for her clients. She creates individual plans that will serve your goals and objectives. I have been highly impressed with her knowledge and her commitment to me as her client. Liat is a true professional and will be your biggest cheerleader and ally as you begin your journey to improve your health. She sure has been mine! She has taught me so much regarding managing various health issues. I never fully realized nor appreciated the importance of having a licensed nutritionist and the benefit it would provide to my overall health, not just weight loss. 

I am very pleased with Liat, her knowledge, her services and her true commitment to my success. She is a real gem!



Liat is amazing and her products are as well.

In a year I have learned so much about food and nutrition. I have not only lost weight and kept it off but I have gained years of my life back. Liat is amazing and her products are as well. If you are stuck, confused, or just need some help on your health I'm pretty confident she can help you meet your goals in a wholesome, healthy, and nutritional way. Thank you for helping me and leading me to a much healthier and happier future.

Jonathan S.

I Lost 48 Pounds In 5 Months

Thanks to Liat, I lost 48 pounds in 5 months and my body chemistry is so much better. Her system works.